Session 1

Welcome to wherever you are.

The party found themselves in a strange city, with no knowledge of where they were. 

A flyer led the way to Backsliders Bar, where the barkeep, Lonn, asked for some help with a Rat infestation. 

Sadiq was mind controlled by the rats, who evidently, had been planning a bank heist. 


The party was led on a tour of the local area, by a "tout", Trillby. 

In the night market, Sadiq saw a vision of thorny vines attempting to devour a small boy, when an assassin attacked. 

The assassin cut up Abe, Sadiq and Edias, before a showdown on top of the building, where the Assassin fled. 


Trillby helped the party back to Backsliders.


Sennohki Sennohki

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