Session 0

Why are we in the desert?

The party found themselves waking up in the desert, not knowing where they were, or their companions. 


They met a friendly chap, called Harrin, who taught them how to survive on Athas. 


Harrin led them to a ruin, killed a woman, stole her amulet and ran. 


There were visions of demons taking over the planet, and other planets, and as <Sam> reached the temple, he got there just in time to see Harrin escaping through the portal, after dropping the amulet. 


After the party joined back up, they grabbed the amulet, and followed through the portal. 


When they emerged on the other side, while there was no sign of Harrin, they were greeted by a strange city street, filled with strange beings, curving inception-like above them. 


A flyer advertised Backsliders, what looked to be a bar in the area.  


Sennohki Sennohki

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